50 Safety Matches Film Clip

Michelle Lord, category of champions, made this film clip happen and editted it. We went to channel nine studios to record the beast. Had some pizza, beer and a few laughs. The introduction is by Dixie Marshall, the news reader for channel nine with a nice smile. Special thank you to Paul brown & Toni Riseley for their camera expertise in the film.


3 thoughts on “50 Safety Matches Film Clip

  1. jimbo, no worries about the last email! honestly. i swear i never saw the intro by dixie marshall….good work! she’s gotta be the second best news reader in perth for sure.

  2. ah hah. there are two versions of this clip on myspace. i do believe the “smaller” of the two versions has the lovely intro by dixie.

    today is her birthday btw.

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