A normal day in the Acropolis: Tasmania

Here’s an amazing panorama put together by Dominic Whittle. I’m in the mid ground straddling the rock with my back to the camera.

If this doesn’t make you want to walk the overland, nothing will.


4 thoughts on “A normal day in the Acropolis: Tasmania

  1. Hey James, I came across this image while searching the interweb for some Australian Panorama’s. This image is absolutely superb! I was wondering if you could get in contact with Dominic Whittle, to see if he would grant permission to use this image in a publication that I am doing the design for. The Publication is called “Australian Wildlife” for a preservation society. If you would like to see how the image would work in the context of the publication, I would be more than happy to email you a PDF.

    I Look forward to hearing from you.

    Michael Ritchie.

    p.s. and yes it does make me want to walk the overland!

  2. Dear mr Quinton

    I am a student studying in Sweden and I need to have some questions answered. I am currently working on a slideshow/video it will contain many different pictures. Now i have found a image on your site more specific this I comment now that I found very nice and fiting to the content of my video. Now I kindly ask if i may make use of this particular picture in the aforementioned video. It will be published onto youtube. If my request is denied I will not make use of the picture. I do just wish to use it in the video not print it but it will be in a non commercial way and I make a reference to your site if you wish.

    Best Regards // Maagaard
    PS send your reply to my mail

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