Burning Brides Interview 26/9/2003

Melanie representing Burning Brides
James representing Pelican Newspaper.

Introduction: Burning Brides are a band from Philadelphia who have recently attracted a lot of attention after tours with Queens of the Stone Age and Audioslave.
Speaking to Melanie from the Burning Brides was really fun. She is the bass player in band, but she is also down to earth, warm, funny and enthusiastic.

J: I’m speaking to you from Perth.
M: Oh excellent! Where is Perth?
J: Perth is the most isolated city in the world on the west coast of Australia.
M: Cool.
J: Did you ever imagine that you’d be talking to someone in Perth about your music?
M: No, especially not about my band, no. How fucking cool is that?
J: Pretty fuckin cool. Burning Brides are pretty unknown here, tell us about yourselves.
M: We’re pretty unknown throughout the world, so don’t feel bad. We’re a band from Philadelphia. We’ve been together for about three years. We put out our first record a couple of years ago, printed it up, put it in the back of our van, toured for a couple of years, signed to V2, who re-released it around the world, now here we are coming to Australia in November. more here


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