Summer near the river

these are the evenings that strafe the sky

these are asymmetric evenings:

who, on the grass can feel the lopsidedness?

in the shallows near an abandoned leather jacket

where Jarrah wanted to set cobbler lines

before lightning and casuarina split wet and dry.

this is a path I’ve walked before

yet Some Trees have their roots snapped

the canopy is eye level, the leaves hand picked

in the hollow people throw yellow dog shit bags

shell grit and yellow fill and rocky revival

beautiful people are inside the fence

i want to join them. i want to be part

of their antics, but I can’t, I can’t …

bring myself out of this river, this drowning

where the L-pill looks like a golden parachute

sooner or later i’ll slip and fall in; be with someone

who, when alone, thinks about killing himself

that’s what i have to offer, that’s what i am

this is the river i wanted to show you.