Someone New


Snow Mounds

Layer upon layer takes ages to leave
the house and depending how far ages to return.
Lights on, lights in the bathroom and kitchen
have blown, using a lamp to chop garlic
all these rows and rows of rooms
are not prisons but are almost prisons,
imagine if we were little animals
how obidient we are, clothes and feed,
wash and clean; lock ourselves up at night.

Out riding you see a carpark filled with mounds of snow
all dust and dirt covered, tattooed with footprints
you think nothing of them until you’re home
and you’ve transported the image back a long way
that very image out of all the others,
some you’ve already forgotten out riding
you think about mounds of snow proprioceptive feedback
over a cup of coffee in front of a radiator.

And then you think about snow mounds
in context of the solar system and the milky way
and you want snow mounds to be more than they are:
a fried icecream graveyard, mountains for squirrels
a hideout for bankrobbers and their children
and the people who wish this bitter winter
and all the coughing would last forever
because may be we are snow mounds piled up in carparks
and when our friends die they defrost and melt
in the shape of tears, or when we play or work real hard
we get hot and the ones who dont pull through
come out as sweat – our bodies like blow torches.

Teaming up with David Bowie

David Bowie and I teamed up over the weekend to rework his outdated spaced out number space oddity. Dave said that he thought the lyrics were stale as an old poo. So this is what we came up with. Enjoy.

Ground Control To Major Tom
By David Bowie and James Quinton

Bowel control to Pooey Bum, Bowel control to Pooey Bum:
Take your fibre pills and put your helmet on
Bowel control to Pooey Bum: Commencing pantsdown nappies on
Check incontinence and may God’s love be with you

This is Bowel control to Pooey Bum, your impaction made the grade!
And the papers want to know whose anus you smear,
Now it’s time for a colonoscopy if you dare

This is Bowel control to Pooey Bum, I’m defecating as we speak
Now I’m floating in the most peculiar way
And the stools look very different today

For here am I sitting on a tin can, far above the world
Toilet water’s blue and there’s nothing I can do


Though I’ve passed one hundred thousand stools, I’m feeling very ill
And I think my sphincter knows which way to go,
tell my wife I love her very much she knows

Bowel control to Pooey Bum:
You’re puritus ani, there’s something wrong.
Can you wipe my pooey bum?
Can you wipe my pooey bum?
Can you wipe my pooey bum? Can you …

Here am I floating round my tin can, far above the moon
Dunny water’s blue and there’s nothing I can do

Flying Through Earth’s Atmosphere

Ever wondered what it is like to be orbitting around our little planet, then penetrate the atmosphere and fall to the ground? I have. Give your imagination a rest, now you can watch it on film!

I love the way the curve of the planet seems to shift between concave and convex as the camera spins around.