Like a writer for lack of a better word
Reversing dozers doop doop doop into position
Agonis fexluosa snap and crack crepitating
Watterlogged stench, stubborn roots.
Erosion in relent – unwanted parts
Of a new born palimpsest, given steno outlook.

One of those “if i dont do it someone else will’ jobs,
A lesson in conflicted conscience
When the dozer owner is one of the best blokes
In town, it’s cause to get you down.
Effect: paralysis, ignorance or benevolent
Dirigisme, the drought reflects our solutions.

So we fight back by spraypainting
Where is the shire? On the shire
Presidents rediculous eight foot retaining wall
Midway up the peninsula.
Mailed surveys return conflicting data,
Bi-coastal pulp mills bifurcate the nation.

Paul plans an orchard instead of a house
Insurance against rising food prices,
Rekons in fifty years one barrel of oil
Will be worth the work of a hundred men.
Plans to give the excess fruit away, beleives
In community, not unlike the nutter in Narrogin.

A warehouse full of supplies for when planet Earth
Shifts and spins in the oppsite direction,
drowning everyone below three hundred
metres above sea level. Final supply load: tampons.


2 thoughts on “Landscapectomy

  1. there’s a guy in narrogin filling up a warehouse full of supplies…dont know his name…know where the warehouse is though.

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